special raw vegan stew

2 leaves rainbow chard
2 leaves red lettuce
1/2 c water
juice from 1/2 lemon (squeezed)
1/2 tomato
1 T raw blue agave nectar
dill (to taste)
1/2 lg carrot
3 T canna-oil (or whatever floats your boat)
onions to taste

blend the chard, lettuce, water, tomato, lemon juice, agave and dill. i chopped the chard, added 1/4 c water; added the lettuce, added 1/4 c water.
shred carrot in bottom of bowl. add your oil of choice. think of it like a booster. add blended mixture (mix). top with chopped onions. let sit for a bit so all the flavors meld together.
sided w/ sammich of tomato, earthbalance, and garlic sprouts.
i found a sprouted grain bread. it's pretty effing good.

also started: kombucha. it's made with a black tea/rose petal blend and a white tea. i had to use golden yellow sugar, but definately investing in organic cane sugar when i visit the store tomorrow.


there's a shift: acknowledgment.
energy is pouring out, there is a second skin folding over itself.
i want to start a living foods journal. of a hand written/under my pillow type.

a pretty awesome miso soup.

my house smells of patchouli and flowers. to occupy myself after indulging in a pot of coffee at 9 pm, i made the following soup:

green curry whole wheat pasta (noodle form)
Collapse )

my noodles came out to be like slightly large shanghai noodles of varying length. :)

official miso soup:
Collapse )

i also had this with a side of avocado (halved/skinned).

this is definately the most satisfying meal i've had in a long long time.
also: the littlecat is all in my business. i think she is weirded out by my late night activities.

feels like potential vegan bistro.

planet organic haul:
miso soup convenience packets (unpasteurized, freeze dried. like astronaut food.)
sourdough bagels
a tofu/yeasty cheese
green peppers
red lettuce
garlic sprouts
red onion
can of coconut milk/chickpeas

damage: $45
manageable? it's funny how shopping at the teeny tiny organic grocery is comparable to the surrounding food chains if i play my cards correctly.

note to self: curry and lime kind of belong together. sprouts also belong in the curry once plated.
keeping your meals somewhat raw keeps you mindful.

abundance - first meal

soup and breakfast pita

soup: red pepper creation + maple syrup*
preparation: heated to 80F by placing soup bowl in a larger bowl and filling larger bowl with boiling water.


(banana-pepper hummus)
1 banana
chickpeas that had sprouted overnight
1 T raw tahini
1 T red pepper creation

mash all ingredients with fork. stuff 1/2 pita*.

the red pepper blended stuff settled overnight. it wasn't the consistency i had originally wanted, but it was alot less watery.

overall preparation: 25 mins. this includes working around the washer in my kitchen and rinsing the chickpeas i have sprouting in a jar.

*not raw

bell pepper creation

i figured it was probably a better idea to do something with the bell peppers acquired from today's adventure.
this is my first (near) raw preparation experiment.
sprouted chickpeas (just a few that were ready from yesterday's first sprouting experiment)
2 orange bell peppers, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1/2 c canola oil*
1/4 c water
1/3 c raw tahini
drizzle sesame oil*
lime juice
maple syrup to taste*
himalayan salt (pinch)

i fed this through the blender. i was opting for a pate that would be alright for a mezze dish (where it's served over sliced red peppers (which i had on hand) and cucumber rounds (that i was going to pick up tomorrow).
next time, i'll cut the water to try and achieve pate consistency (underestimated the blender).
probably most ideal as a soup, sauce, or dip.

*not raw

edit: this is way too high in oil.
1/2 c = 120 mL oil. 60 mL oil for both "portions" (i froze the other). i consumed 1/2 the blend in pita/soup. so 30 mL (2 T) per oil is about what i got. this would be a fairly indulgent raw recipe. but i have no idea how it compares to some of the uncookbooks downloaded. then again, raw secrets equates one avocado with 1 c of oil (at least as far as fat is equivalent). so, perspectives.

playing freegan.

today's haul: 2 orange bell peppers
1 red bell pepper
3 bananas
2 hummus portions
2 potato salad portions
2 bean salad portions (lentil, six bean)
1 curried rice salad portion
1 house salad

when i was leaning over the dumpster, i dropped my phone inside. the dude perusing the goods after me had found it, so i split my bunch of bananas with him.
definite banana bread tomorrow morning.

before i run myself broke i really need to invest in a food processor.


<url=""> starter dehydrator - $148.99 </url>

<url="">super juicer - $150 </url>

hopefully this can happen in the soon!