Tags: end hiatus

wins. fails.

i'm still working on the last grocery haul.
wins = green curry. purple yams. leftover casseroles. salsa. spinach hummus.

banana berry sorbet
3 bananas
1/3 c oil
2 c frozen mixed berries
1/4 c sugar

mash banas with oil. cream in sugar. transfer to bender along with berries. splash(es) of soymilk until smooth. mine took about 2 1/2 hours to freeze proper.

i made my mum a banana rasperry version with maple syrup. however, it poured as freely as the wine and it's more like a maple banana raspberry that doesn't freeze as much. and i tried to cut the maple out with vanilla so it's hypersweet. first tastes are banana raspberry, followed by maple and vanilla. she'll probably not be as stoked on it as i am.
i think i need a good lunch box. place for a couple wraps, couple muffins, and a small container of main dishery. i'm away from home all day and tired of drinking coffee/tea instead of eating.